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      The Piston Poppers
    of Anderson, Indiana 1953 - 2003
50 Years of Fun, Friendship and Cars


bill vaughn

Club Founder Bill Vaughn is pictured here in his 23T that was built in 1962. After many engine combinations, it now sports a 455 Buick with a 400 Turbo as well as a slightly older driver
Below is an old Piston Poppers membership card. I (Mel Broshar) do not know the member's name on the card or what year this card was used. I have asked some of the old members and they do not remember either. As I was Hot Rodding the streets in the late 50's, I know that we were looked upon as trouble makers. Bill must have made this card to help over come the bad image of Hot Rodders. As I belonged to the Piston Poppers in the 50's, I do not remember this card. It has the old phone numbering system so it has to be from the 50's or very early 60's as that was when the telephone company changed to our current numbering system. A non member found this card and presented it to us one night at Frisch's.


mike johnson

Mike (Jolly) Johnson, an original member of the club owns this 36 Pontiac. It has many nice features that many over look including a driver who loves ice cream


neill rinker

Neill Rinker, also an original member owns this beauty. Neill is a hell of a fabricator and is currently constructing an all tube framed Trac T with a Quad 4 engine.


This 39 Chevy is owned by another original member, John Wood. Not only is it bright during the day but it throws nice flames at night. John does top quality wood work.

  john wood

Beginning April 23, 2003, the Piston Poppers new & permanent home is at Frisch's Big Boy, re-uniting Frisch's Big Boy & Hot Rods - like it should be.


jim mahoney

Original member Jim Mahony  living in sunny Florida

This page will always remain unchanged to honor the original guys who started it all and were here to celebrate the Club's first 50 years.